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building envelope consulting for energy code compliance forms, air barrier, and additional efficientcy measures.

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Air Barrier Design & Pressure Testing

According to the Department of Energy and ASHRAE the typical commercial building loses 40% of its heating and cooling energy to uncontrolled air exchanges.  Therefore, next to an efficient building envelope, the next most effective way to save energy in new construction is by controlling air exchanges.  This is the motivation to include air barrier testing by the governing code bodies.

VE Services offers recommendations at no extra cost when completing the compliance forms and custom air barrier design for an additional fee.  We can also walk your designer and building official through the options that are deemed air barrier compliant by their nature (such as CMU or taped drywall).

In addition we can perform air barrier testing and recommend that the air barrier test be performed prior to the builder turning the project over the other sub-trades who are going to affect the air barrier integrity.

Washington State Energy Code Section 406

Section 406 is a new section in the WSEC and it is mandatory to choose two out of eight options that go beyond what would otherwise be code compliant.  The options are:

More efficient HVAC

More efficient Lighting

Enhanced Lighting Controls

On-site renewables

Provision for DOAS (dedicated outside air source)

Higher efficiency service water heating

15% more efficient envelope (very difficult)

Reduced air infiltration (from .40/cfm per sq ft to .25)


Making the wrong choice can costs thousands while not improving the building's utility.    

Energy Code Compliance

With the challenges Metal Buildings and Metal Framed Construction face in meeting today's challenging energy codes architects, developers, and builders, need an expert in who specializes in give code compliant options for non-wood framed Commercial Construction.


Conventional wisdom would have you believe that there is only one way to meet energy codes but  by using the "Component Approach" there are many Value Engineered options available including a Semi-Heated option in Washington State.

By working with your builder and architect we can come up with the best option for your specific building that is the most cost effective and meets air barrier requirements (see below).

Whether 2015 WSEC, 2014 OEESC, or IEEC we at VE are here to not only complete the forms but explain the available options to the building officials.

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